Pinwheels for Prevention

Pinwheels for Prevention was created by Prevent Child Abuse America and its state chapters as more than just an awareness campaign. It urges people to act to prevent abuse and neglect.

The pinwheel reflects our belief that getting it right early is better than trying to fix it later.

For details, contact Jennifer Dailey at 518-445-1273 ext 105 or

An individual can:

  • Write to your elected officials about the importance of preventing child abuse and neglect.
  • Buy pinwheels and plant your own pinwheel garden.
  • Talk about prevention in your community.
  • Organize a fundraiser to raise awareness.
  • Serve on a committee or board.

A local organization can:

  • Organize your own Pinwheels for Prevention campaign by buying pinwheels and planting a garden.
  • Join Child Abuse Prevention Month activities in April or organize activities in your community
  • Incorporate child abuse prevention into your work.
  • Discuss child abuse prevention at your conferences and meetings

A corporation can:

  • Sell pinwheels or other special pinwheel-themed items in your stores.
  • Print messages on your bags or insert bill-stuffers to bring attention to child abuse prevention.
  • Invite your employees to show their support by purchasing and displaying pinwheels.
  • Create a pinwheel garden on your company's premises.
  • Contribute your company's expertise to help us advance this campaign.
  • Donate or help buy advertising, or sponsor pinwheel activities, to get the word out.