2021 Fall Parent Leadership Conference

Fall 2021 Conference Zoom Links

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Fall 2021 Conference Schedule*

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*Schedule as confirmed at the time of printing (11/17/2021). Last-minute changes may occur.


Spring 2021 Conference Resources Available Below

Conference Weekend 2 – Friday 4/23 & Saturday 4/24

Friday Fun Night- Game Links

Kim's Game | Early Explorers (Memory Game)
Easter HOP and STOP freeze game (brain break)

Keynote: Jerome Underwood

How Are The Children? (Presentation slides available soon)

Office for New Americans (ONA): Celebrating All Newcomers to NYS

Cynthia Stewart and Jenny Munoz

Office for New Americans- Regional Opportunity Centers

Liberty Defense Project Locations

Ramierez June Initiative

Do you need immigration assistance? English

Do you need immigration assistance? Spanish

Do you need immigration assistance? Simplified Chinese

Engaging with Children Through Creative Mindfulness

Julianne Lewis and Heather Hutchison

Engaging with Children Through Creative Mindfulness

Using Children's Books to Develop Your Child's Social and Emotional

Sarah Gould-Houde

Conference Weekend 1 – Friday 4/9 & Saturday 4/10

Keynote: Pat Stanislaski

Building Resilience

Helping your Child Solve Social Problems - Sarah Gould- Houde

Positive Solutions for Families

Helping Children Solve Social Problems

Self Care Practices- Jamie Rackl & Liz Vetrano

Self Care Practices Jamie & Liz

8 Areas of Influence by Fathers- Reggie Cox

Creating Effective Partnerships: Maximizing Opportunities to Connect and
Engage- Kara Georgi

Creating Effective Partnerships
Parent Acrostic
Creating Effective Partnerships Tool
Social Connections One Pager: Alliance National Parent Partnership Council
(ANPPC) | CTF Alliance

Parent Tool Kit and Videos:Parent Voice | CTF Alliance
BPNN Link: Birth Parent National Network (BPNN) | CTF Alliance
Protective Factors Information: Protective Factors | CTF Alliance


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