Helpline 1-800-Children (244-5373)

Programs to Prevent Child Abuse

For 30 years, PCANY has been advocating for children by calling for increased investments in prevention, taking our case to the public, the media and the halls of the state Capitol.


We provide training, education and referral services to nearly 100,000 people each year. Countless more benefit from our legislative advocacy, which has helped establish and sustain child abuse prevention programs.


Treatment and response to cases of child abuse is critically important, but our mission is to stop child abuse before it has a chance to start.


To achieve our mission, our programs focus on community activities and public policies that prioritize prevention right from the start.


  • The Parent Helpline - An information and referral service for parents, professionals, and others who want to find help and support for families. The first line of defense against abuse is positive parenting, so the Helpline focuses heavily on parenting services. The Parent Helpline is a confidential line, available in English and Spanish, every day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.: 1-800-CHILDREN (244-5373).

  • Healthy Families New York - Healthy Families New York is the state’s preeminent child abuse prevention program. Established by PCANY in 1993, Healthy Families New York is a voluntary home-visiting program for high-risk families of infants and young children. Our training staff helps assure all families in the 39 sites across New York receive top quality services.

  • New York State Parenting Education Partnership - PCANY works with the state Council on Children & Families, the state Children and Family Trust Fund, the state Department of Health and the state Education Department to create a culture of positive and effective parenting through education and support.

  • New York Partnership for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Enough Abuse Campaign - The public-private collaborative, organized in 2012 under Prevent Child Abuse New York's leadership, has adopted the Enough Abuse campaign to build adult and community responsibility for preventing sexual abuse of children. The campaigns key strategies include mobilizing communities, educating parents and other community adults, and building youth-serving organizations' capacity to protect children.

  • Policy and Advocacy - Prevent Child Abuse New York advocates through this campaign for policies and programs to protect children and prevent them from abuse and neglect. We successfully advocated for the continuation of the New York State Children & Family Trust Fund's family violence prevention programs, and the establishment and growth of the Healthy Families New York program.