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Prevent Child Abuse New York, Inc. (PCANY)  is excited to announce......

Press Release:

Albany, NY - April 29, 2024


Prevent Child Abuse New York, Inc. (PCANY)  is excited to announce, with unanimous agreement from the Board of Directors, a new era of collaborative leadership. This new model will consist of four Managing Directors working collaboratively with the Executive Committee of our Board of Directors to lead our organization.


This strategic shift towards a team-based model reflects our firm commitment to aligning our operational practices with our core mission and values. The team of Managing Directors will create a more inclusive, innovative, and responsive leadership approach that empowers everyone in the organization.


The Managing Directors, with the support of the Board, will work together to steer the organization's strategic direction, oversee critical functional areas, and champion our mission in a unified manner. This model emphasizes our belief in shared leadership and distributed decision-making, linking decisions to a Managing Director’s area of expertise and expediting action.


As we bring another successful Child Abuse Prevention month to a close, we are genuinely excited about this new model’s possibilities and its significant positive impact on our organization's growth and sustainability. Thanks to partners like you, we are pioneering new pathways for meaningful change for families.


Our Managing Directors:

Erika Leveillee, Managing Director of Healthy Families Implementation

Jessica Tanguay, Managing Director of Community Mobilization

Tamaé Memole, Managing Director of Primary Prevention 

Lisa Morgan-Klepeis, Managing Director of Operations


For media inquiries and further information, please contact Lisa Morgan-Klepeis.


About Prevent Child Abuse New York, Inc.:


Prevent Child Abuse New York is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing child abuse in all its forms. Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, PCANY works tirelessly to create safe, stable, and nurturing environments for children across New York State.

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