Pinwheels for Prevention®

Every kid deserves a great childhood that’s carefree and full of promise. Each year, Prevent Child Abuse New York mobilizes Pinwheels for Prevention® campaigns around the state to encourage New Yorkers to take simple actions that can make a big difference in the lives of children.


Pinwheels for Prevention® is a nationwide campaign, created by Prevent Child Abuse America (PCA America) and its state chapters. The goal of Pinwheels of Prevention® is to engage people in taking “extraordinary ordinary” actions that can reduce stress for families and increase resilience for kids—anything from writing a letter to the editor in support of family support programs to offering to babysit for a neighbor.


As part of these campaigns, New Yorkers make a promise to prevention by distributing pinwheels, “planting” pinwheel gardens, and hosting educational events. The campaign is built around the symbol of the pinwheel. The pinwheel is a happy and uplifting token of childhood. It stands as a symbol of hope and the bright futures we want for New York’s kids. Pinwheels for Prevention® are the centerpiece of a growing movement of people and organizations committed to stopping child abuse before it starts.


A great childhood requires a loving and supportive family and community. The theme of this year's campaign, It’s Your Turn to Make a Difference, highlights simple steps we can take every day to create positive change for families and communities. You can get involved by planting pinwheel gardens in a highly visible public place, wearing pinwheel label pins, displaying car and storefront window clings, hosting events for families, and signing a promise to prevention. Businesses, schools, community-based organizations, civic groups, educators, volunteers, decision-makers and families participate.


Everyone has a role to play in preventing child abuse and supporting families. PCANY offers you tools to take an active role in preventing child abuse. Please contact us to learn more about how to mobilize a campaign in your community. It’s your turn to make a difference for a child!


5 simple steps to get started!

  1. Read through our Community Resource Guide to get familiar with campaign language, guidelines and required core elements.

  2. Brainstorm campaign ideas. You are free to determine the scope of your campaign. A pinwheel garden can be as large as your state capitol lawn or as small as a flowerpot on your front stoop.

  3. If you’re planning a large event, consider assembling a Pinwheels for Prevention® planning group in your community.

  4. Let us know what you’re doing. We would love to help promote your campaign and feature your pictures on our web site and social media. Email details to

Campaign core elements

Pinwheels for Prevention® is a national campaign created by PCA America. PCA America encourages creativity when implementing campaigns. However, to maintain national consistency and ensure nationwide success, the following strategic elements are required:

  1. Consistent use of the Pinwheels for Prevention® campaign name and official campaign logo. All local campaigns must use the Pinwheels for Prevention® name. The official campaign logo must be used in any graphic depictions of Pinwheels for Prevention®. Creative interpretations, or use of the logo in colors other than those on PCANY’s web site, are not permitted. The pinwheels campaign resources page includes logos and other materials to use in your campaign.

  2. Consistent use of campaign messaging. Campaign organizers are expected to deliver messages that are consistent with research on furthering the message of child abuse prevention provided by frameworks. More information about campaign messaging is included in the Community Resource Guide.

Pinwheels, materials and logo usage

Pinwheels for Prevention® campaign materials, including pinwheels, provided by PCANY as a seed kit are intended for community outreach. If your organization uses these pinwheels for its own fundraising efforts, we ask that you designate a portion of the proceeds to benefit PCANY to defray the cost associated with providing the materials.


The Pinwheels for Prevention® name and logo are a registered trademark of Prevent Child Abuse America and its state chapters. It may not be used for fundraising purposes without permission from PCANY or PCA America.