Pinwheels for Prevention® Resources

Ideas for implementing a Pinwheels for Prevention® Campaign:

  • Choose a highly visible location and “plant” a pinwheel “garden.”

  • Consider messaging around your campaign. Equate pinwheels with the number of children served by your agency or the number of births in your community. Use your pinwheels to promote the good you are doing in your community. Research by the FrameWorks Institute for PCAA has identified specific communications strategies that effectively promote child abuse and neglect prevention. Horrific stories of child abuse and neglect may gain short-term media attention; however, research found that this approach is unsuccessful in building lasting public will for prevention. To promote long-term change, campaign messages should focus on exposing underlying causes of abuse and neglect, proposing effective solutions, and engaging the community in positive action. Learn more about this approach to messaging in our Community Resource Guide.

  • Let the media know about your pinwheel garden and its significance. Consider old and new media. Contact newspapers, radio stations and television stations. Pinwheel gardens create a stunning visual for photographs and video. Use social media to promote your event or campaign. Sample tweets and facebook posts and other media samples (press release, PSA, letter to the editor, etc.) are included in our Community Resource Guide.

Additional materials to assist with your campaign:

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