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PCANY Policy & Advocacy Positions


“Prevent Child Abuse New York takes an official position on issues vital to the well-being of New York State’s children and families,” said Tim Hathaway, Executive Director.

To that end, they have set their policy agenda, with a focus detailed in seven position papers. The papers focus on economic stability; housing; maternal, infant and early childhood home visiting; child care; reproductive health; and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).


“We must address the root causes of abuse—the factors that contribute to stress and unhealthy manifestations of pressure and tension,” Hathaway said. “It is not the responsibility of government to raise children, but it is in the State’s best interest to help strengthen families by helping them create more stable environments in which to raise those children.”

“Together, we can turn the root causes of abuse into the strong roots a family needs to succeed.”


For more information, please read the position papers found at the links below and join the discussion on Facebook at or on Twitter (@PCA_NY).


For detailed questions, resources or to schedule an interview, please contact Jenn O'Connor, Director of Policy and Advocacy at 

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