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All Children Have the Right to a Safe, Secure, and Supportive Environment  


Prevent Child Abuse New York is the only private, nonprofit agency serving the entire state whose single mission is to prevent child abuse in all its forms. We remove barriers to healthy parenting through public awareness; training & technical assistance; and policy work & advocacy. Through our work we support the healthy development and prosperity of New York's children, families, and communities.


To prevent child abuse in all its forms.



All children are loved, nurtured, and protected. All parents are supported and have the resources they need to parent their children in a healthy manner. All communities thrive and work together to support their children and families.



Building protective factors that reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.


Prevention Principles 

  • Children are the foundation of a sustainable and prosperous society.

  • All children have the right to safe, secure, and supportive environments.

  • All parents have the right to the support and knowledge that child rearing demands.

  • Child abuse prevention requires strengthening families and communities.


Organizational Values 

Collaboration: Actively engage in local, state, and national partnerships that strengthen positive impact.


Diversity: With openness and curiosity, embrace and encourage the uniqueness of others, and their multi-faceted experiences, identities, perspectives, and talents.


Excellence: Continuously employ quality improvement strategies that enable and motivate us to set and meet goals that enhance organizational success.


Integrity: Step forward with transparency, authenticity, and accountability.


Respect: Honor the individual and collective strengths of all people along with their unique contributions.


PCANY at a Glance

Last year, over 65,000 New York State children were abused and neglected by those who should nurture and protect them. In addition to the consequences from immediate harm, child victims suffer a higher risk of long-term problems: learning disabilities, poor health, mental illness, substance abuse, juvenile and adult crime. We all pay the price for child abuse. New York State spends an estimated $5 billion a year to deal with the consequences. 


Founded in 1980, we are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. We are a chartered state chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America.

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